the need for a

Thematic Social Forum on Mining & the Extractivist Economy


In the last fifteen years the expansion, consolidation and intensification of a model of abusive use of the so-called "natural resources", of which mining is an exemplary case, throughout the world, has taken place. This model, in the name of progress and development, has been devastating and degrading socio- environmentally huge areas, intensifying conditions of global warming and climate injustice. It subjects local economies to a logic of accumulation that privately benefits corporations in the sector, imposes changes and regressions on social and environmental protection laws, impacts the daily lives of traditional, indigenous and peasant communities by violations of human rights, affecting in particular the lives of women and children.

By integrating itself with the financialized economy, the logic of extraction and accumulation is determined by international markets that are not subject to participation, consultation mechanisms or citizen social control.


The expansion of this model is the basis of growing socio-environmental conflicts, with persecution and criminalization of the proponents of socio-environmental rights. Affected communities, especially women, indigenous peoples, workers' and environmentalist movements, as well as scholars and researchers who investigate these phenomena have identified the need to unite, articulate, and enhance their often isolated or fragmented efforts. This is not to acknowledge that very localized and regional responses have emerged.

In this scenario, we proposed  a Thematic Social Forum on Mining and Extractivist Economy to be held in South Africa from the 12th to the 15th of November2018, with the aim to consolidate a broad movement of resistance and social control over extractive activities, as well as the launching of the Campaign for the "Right to say no" to socially and environmentally degrading projects. 

Partners of the People's Dialogue resisting mining and extractives in their communities

Partners of the People's Dialogue resisting mining and extractives in their communities