The Thematic Social Forum is organised by the People's Dialogue and its Partner Organisations


The People's Dialogue & Partners

The People's Dialogue is a network that represents Africans and Latin Americans that are organised in movements of rural women, small scale farmers, peasants, workers, feminist and research formations. 



  • AIDC - Alternative Information and Development Centre

  • AIAS – Africa Institute for Agrarian Studies – Zimbabwe

  • ESAFF – East and Southern African Farmers Forum – Southern Africa and Kenya

  • NNFU- Namibia National Small Farmers Union – Namibia

  • NASFAM – National Small Farmers Union of Malawi – Malawi

  • TCOE – Trust for Community Outreach and Education – South Africa

  • UNAC – National Union of Peasants of Mozambique – Mozambique

  • WOMIN - Women and Mining


Latin America

  • MAM - Movimento Pela Soberania Popular na Mineração

  • SINFRAJUPE – Serviço Interfrancisacno de Justiça, Paz e Ecologia

  • AFES – Ação Franciscana de Ecologia e Solidariedade

  • SEFRAS – Serviço Franciscano de Ação Social

  • GCCM – Movimento Católico Global pelo Clima (Brasil)


  • Franciscans International

  • CIDSE - Coopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité”/ International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity

  • London Mining Network

  • International People’s Conference on Mining 

  • Churches and Mining Network