Thematic Social Forum: Mining & Extractivist Economy, 12th to 15th November 2018, Newtown, Johannesburg, South Africa

Guidelines for Self-Organised Activities

What are Self-Organised Activities?

Are activities organised by movements, organisations or groups who wish to make up a specific contribution to the Thematic Social Forum (TSF) on Mining and Extractivist Economy (a set of themes, an objective, an action strategy, etc.).  These are activities which could take the form as workshops, seminars, public meetings, exhibitions and networking sessions.

Purpose of Self-Organised Activities?

Support the convergence and articulation of struggles in order to strengthen civil society in its capacity to act and propose alternatives to the dominant model.  It should contribute with the preparation for the debates that will happen at the TSF and must be linked to the theme of the TSF, being “Mining and Extractivist Economy”.   

How will it work?

Any group or organisation inscribed to the TFS can propose to host a self-organised activity.  To propose a self-organised activity, contact: with the following information:

(a) What is the activity – is it a presentation, a workshop, an exhibition etc.?

(b) What is the proposed topic?

(c)  What do you require – space (for how many), flipchart, projector, etc.?

(d) What is the name of the organisation and potential co-organisers, contact person and email who are proposing the self-organised activity.

Values and Objectives that should guide the Self-Organised Activities

(a) Inclusion and Openness

(b) Transparency

(c)  The initiatives should be respectful of the global process, and of the Charter of Principle of the World Social Forum:

(d) Contribute to the articulation and inter-linking of struggles

(e) Strengthen the process and linkages with the Thematic Social Forum taking place over the following days

When will the Self-Organised Activities take place?

They will take place in the morning and afternoon of Monday 12th November 2018 – between 11am and 3pm.

Please Note:

(a) The TSF will not be able to provide interpretation/translation for the self-organised activities.  The organisers of self-organised activities are responsible for eventual interpretation/translation

(b) All submissions for self-organised activities must reach us between the period of 6th October to 20th October 2018.  If we have too many submissions, the organising committee will suggest a synergy of proposals, and then confirm at what time and where it will be taking place.    

(c)  In order to facilitate synergies a flipchart, listing the key decisions from the discussion, will have to be displayed on an identified wall during the duration of the forum for the other delegates to view and engage with.

(d) Check the website on